Munchkin Nutrition & Dietetics

Munchkin Nutrition and Dietetics offers expert nutrition advice for the entire family. From conception, throughout pregnancy and into childhood, Munchkin can be there to help guide and support you for all your nutritional needs.

At Munchkin we offer a range of workshops on topics such as pregnancy, fussy eating, fertility and introduction to solids and can also tailor-make a workshop for your friends, mothers group, colleagues and/or staff. 

Infant Nutrition

Every mum worries whether their baby is eating or drinking enough, be it breastfeeding, formula feeding or solids. 

Introducing your baby to solids for the first time can be a fun, exciting and yet daunting time for parents and their little one. Nowadays there is a lot of confusion and mixed messages about when to start solids, how to start and what babies should and shouldn't eat. Take the stress and heartache out of this time and let Munchkin Nutrition and Dietetics help!  








Topics covered can include:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Formula Feeding
  • Introduction to Solids
  • Failure to thrive / underweight
  • Coeliac disease