Munchkin Nutrition & Dietetics

Munchkin Nutrition and Dietetics offers expert nutrition advice for the entire family. From conception, throughout pregnancy and into childhood, Munchkin can be there to help guide and support you for all your nutritional needs.

At Munchkin we offer a range of workshops on topics such as pregnancy, fussy eating, fertility and introduction to solids and can also tailor-make a workshop for your friends, mothers group, colleagues and/or staff. 

Register your interest for 2015 nutrition workshops!

Are you interested in attending any of the below Nutrition workshops in 2015? Munchkin Nutrition will be holding some fun and informative workshops in the new year. 

If you are interested in attending any of the workshops please register your interest by sending your name, email address, phone number and the workshop you would like to attend to our munchkin nutrition email at or via a private Facebook message to the Munchkin Nutrition Facebook page will then contact you with more details once dates are set. 

Below is the list of workshops for early to mid 2015:

Introducing Solids - all you need to know to get your bub started on a lifelong healthy diet!

Fertility and diet - improve your fertility with diet and lifestyle!

Pregnancy nutrition - stay healthy and get all the nutrients you and your growing baby need while you are pregnant and breastfeeding!

Weight loss - the key lifestyle and diet changes to achieving a healthy weight and keeping it off

We can also do private workshops for groups of 5 or more and can base workshops around specific topics if you have a special request.

Hope to see you in 2015!

Fertility and Pregnancy Workshops

Click on the workshops link for up and coming workshops. The latest topics are: Improving fertility through nutrition and lifestyle changes  and Pregnancy nutrition: getting the nutrients you and your baby need

Email the Munchkin Dietitians if you have a particular workshop topic in mind.


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Healthy Habits - start them young!

Welcome to the Munchkin blog page.... here we will talk about all sorts of topics, ranging from healthy tips, interesting food and nutrition facts, discussions on fussy eating, pregnancy nutrition, diets for improved fertility and more....

Today we will give a few quick tips for creating healthy habits in your children.

Habits formed in childhood can last a life time.... give your kids a head start and help them develop healthy habits when they are young. 

Here are some tips:


* Let the kids help you in the kitchen- the more they are involved the more likely they are to try new foods and become enthusiastic about fresh healthy food and cooking. My son often picks up the foods I am preparing and puts them into his mouth - carrots, beans, cheese, etc... the other day he even tried to eat raw sweet potato! 

* Offer lots of colours from a very young age - green, red, orange, yellow vegetables.... if there is colour in every meal your child will learn that this is normal and variety is key to a healthy diet.

* Avoid processed breakfast cereals (they are almost always packed with sugar), give the little ones oats with berries or homemade muesli for a fibre and nutrient rich start to the day

* Serve your bubs natural yoghurt, if you get them onto this early they will learn to love it and won't get hooked on the flavoured yoghurts, which have added sugars to sweeten them up. You can always add berries to the natural yoghurt for extra flavour!

* Water!! It is the best drink for all of us. Try not to offer juice and cordials - once you start this it can be very difficult to get the kids to ever accept good old fashioned water on its own.

Healthy Eating

Until next time, 

The Munchkin Nutritionists!